Of Market Forces and Forced Markets

“Indeed, a major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that it… gives people what they want instead of what a particular...

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Allen Onyema, the Peaceful Man Behind Air Peace

“It takes one hunter to kill an elephant; and the whole village to bring back the meat” – Old African Proverb Before I commence this...

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‘‘A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within’’ – Will Durant “There is a fine...

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Talking About a Revolution

Don’t you know They’re talking about a revolution It sounds like a whisper While they’re standing in the welfare lines Crying at the...

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Say they support the PDP as their party; no matter their performance
Say they are disappointed by the PDP's poor performance
Say they are strongly opposed to the PDP and voted for APGA/Alex Otti in 2015

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Stand With ALEX as we battle the Abia cabal to establish an APGA government of accountability! O di gi n'aka


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Info-graphics of Dr. Alex Otti's masterplan for the Abia of today and future generations


Innovation, Technology

Imagine the economic development in and around Aba with steady power supply; all within our mission of achieving sustainable development

Security at your home and business

We deserve clean air to breathe and a sustain-able future that is responsive to challenges by climate change.

Agro-Industry development for domestic markets and exports

Will provide employment; Reduce food costs and result in a financial cost saving to consumers.

Water Environment

Water is at the heart of adaptation to climate change, it is the link between the climate, and human society.

Women and Youth skills development

We will offer skills training to our women and youth in order to better equip them in technology and small business development

Ministry of Aba

As the business, trading and creativity center of entire south eastern Nigeria and attracting business across west Africa, Aba,will get a special status. It will be rebuilt to a world-class city.

>> Ihe oma n'abia.
>> Odi n'aka anyi.

Better years ahead for
Abia - with Alex as Governor

The youths of any community and nation offer a quick picture of where that community is headed. Abia State governments have failed our vibrant youth population. I have given thousands of them opportunities; I will do more as Governor!


To accelerate the infrastructural and human capital development of Abia State by providing effective, efficient, accountable and transparent governance that will advance the social wellbeing, as well as improve the living conditions and standards of our people.

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Gov. Ikpeazu and the Looming questions about Accountability

My dear brother (Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu), 

Facts on ground show that Abia Civil Servants are presently owed up to ten months salary arrears, while pensioners are owed up to sixteen (16) months pension arrears. I do not intend to delve into the issues of Leave Allowances and Gratuity which are also as neglected as Salary and Pension.

I chose to make this passionate appeal at this point in time because facts available show that the situation has become very critical and pathetic for serving and retired Abia civil servants.

Like me, I am sure you must have read or been informed of series of reports concerning the untimely, and avoidable deaths of Abia civil servants and pensioners who had need to take care of their health, but had no money, because government chose to owe them unjustly.

I do not just read this sad situation only in the newspapers and on social media, I get text messages and calls that are painful and very pathetic, and which convinced me that the situation has indeed taken a dangerous dimension and thus must not be allowed to continue.

(This is part 1 of 3)

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